Networking & Concierge Services


Our networking and concierge services cover a multitude of options for you and your party. From reservations, leisure activities and vehicle rentals, to lifestyle, care, domestic and business services, we offer a seamless experience with whatever you need, whenever you need it.


  •  Restaurants & fine dining

  •  Discos & clubs

  •  Hotels and villas

  •  Cars with or without a driver

  •  Shows

  •  Miscellaneous services (spa, hairdresser, beauty treatments, and more)

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Golf Partners

Leisure & entertainment

  • Theatre tickets, movies, concerts, etc.

  • Unique experiences

  • Attendance at exclusive events

  • Sport events

  • VIP entrance & box seats


  • Day charter or long term boats

  • Captains and Hostesses

  • Concierge services for skippers

  • Reservation of moorings

  • Provisioning

  • Services onboard (events, private chefs, beauty treatments, massages)

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  • Special vehicles (limousine, luxury car, helicopter, private plane, etc)

  • Vehicles at your disposal, with driver

  • Airport transfers

  • Airplane and ship ticket management

  • Unique & personalized experiences

  • Car rental


  • Personal shopper

  • Personal trainer

  • Catering and private chef

  • Flowers and flower arrangements

  • Massages, aesthetics or hairdressing

  • Signature events, personalized events according to themes, style or purpose

  • Decoration and styling

  • Photographer and photography services (digital retouching, montages, etc)

  • Dressmaker’s arrangements

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Care services

  • Babysitter

  • Animal care

  • Rehabilitation, physiotherapy and nursing

  • Medical services

  • Security

  • Dietitian, nutritionist

Domestic services

  • Villa services & maintenance

  • Maintenance

  • Butler service

  • Cooks & chefs

  • Private events (special occasions, celebrations, etc.)

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Business Meeting


  • Corporate events and incentives

  • Translators & Interpreters

  • Meeting rooms & locations

  • Couriers and parcel services for sending information or items

  • Individual or group transfers

  • Excursions and experiences