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Event Management

People at Fancy Event

We make your dreams come true with our events, conceptualized and designed from scratch. Regardless of the size of the event, its theme, or its frequency, we stand ready to develop any proposal or idea that comes to your mind. From specific events, such as openings, anniversaries, parades, presentations, and corporate incentives, through to brand implementations for companies or establishments.

We handle all meetings, brainstorming, note-taking, calendar creation with our imaginative, decisive and proactive approach. We use our extensive experience to turn simple ideas into perfect moments for you. We do all of this under the supervision of the client, to ensure that no detail is lost within the development of the event, ensuring a correct evolution of the project.



Our events are tailored to suit your brand and target market. We bring a plethora of great ideas for major events as well as specific brand actions.



We design the concept, potential market, theme and objective of your event, as well as handling aspects such as décor, entertainment, invitations, ‘save the date’ reminders and notice if necessary.



We draw up the service order, coordinating schedules, departments and task allocation, as well as overseeing suppliers from start to finish.



After the event we send out a note of thanks to all those that attended, as well as press releases to the local media, etc. We also provide audiovisual materials of the event.